Rising Sun Gang

by Rising Sun All Stars

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"Rising Sun Gang" sessions began in Summer 2012 as an informal experiment in a new studio, which eventually yielded 23 demos in total. The process of narrowing things down was anything but simple, but we are confident that "Rising Sun Gang" represents the 10 best songs resulting from this period of personal transition, renewal, awareness, and creative reemergence within the group.

Sitting atop a melodic frenzy and rhythmic pulse, the songs' lyrics carry meaningful themes of longing and desire, social awareness/consciousness, the drug abuse/bullying/suicide epidemic, and celebration of success despite environmental factors.

"Rising Sun Gang" was produced and arranged by Gary Nieves Jr
Tracks were cut to 1/2" 8 channel tape, and then mixed at
Cobra Sun Studio in Staten Island, New York.
in a hybrid analog/digital fashion, using a 1/4" stereo machine
and the latest recording software.


released January 23, 2013

Ariana Smith - Vocals
Nenjah Nycist - MC
Michael Costello - Vocals & Backing (2,4,8,10,11)

Dave Giordano - Electric Guitar
Pat Nowak - Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Gary Nieves Jr - Bass, Keys, Addtl Perc, Glockenspiel, Addtl Guitar

Ruben Nieves Jr - Percussion
Alex Salinger - Drums (2,4,6,8,10)
AJ Pantaleo - Drums (3,5,9,11)

Rafael Calderon - Trumpets
Jason Mink - Saxophone, Flute
Arsenio Perez - Violin

Produced and Arranged by Gary Nieves Jr at Cobra Sun Studio
Copyright 2013 The Rising Sun All Stars



all rights reserved


Rising Sun All Stars Staten Island, New York

The Rising Sun All Stars is a HIp Hop/Soul band from Staten Island, New York.

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Track Name: Mirror, Mirror
"Mirror, Mirror" (Nenjah Nycist)

Rising Sun, uh, what up G

My nigga usually be holding weight like an elephant
asked a cop for directions for the hell of it
my niggaz overreact reasons irrelevant
known to goon thats why i don't tell them shit
fuck girls ruthless, exotics, dimes, dueces
at shows even rando's on OK Cupid
one out of three hold degrees we ain't stupid
move with or get moved by my fucking movement
my niggaz break hearts, break laws, break jaws
suckas trying to play ours then we'll probably break yours
break, pause why hit ya?
I should make you off yourself like Hitler uh


Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who is the Nycist of them all?
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who is the most clever? fuck it whatever

I be wildin so i wrote rhymes and made hooks
I bet life look nice from facebook
Like this my status that serious
Tell me whats a smartphone to a fucking idiot
usually i be geekin but fuck all the silliness
Pressin niggaz for results yeah im on some midi shit
Lost in my own world u ever seen insidious?
Shit could get grotesque muthafuck a hideous
so let me get, some rellos and a couple remy sips
Know when you wit a lord everything luxurious
I knew I'd spazz on this beat when i felt the chilliness
Why not they playing this on XM flow is so Sirius
The microphone is mine yeah i'm talking so imperious
I'm ill for the sake of rhymin i'll say im the ileus
But thats a real word too you dudes is oblivious
From evil, God deliver us, the end of my expenditure is here

yo I'm here, yeah yeah come on

Rising Sun what
team who the fuck
yeah whatever, ya'll know who clever
Track Name: Say Hi
"Say Hi" (A. Smith)

Walking past you
I raise up my hand and wave,
You look at me
and turn your head and look away.
Well I know we never were friends, and I don't want to be.
I know I'm better than you but it really crosses me when…

You never ever say hi, I feel some type of way.
You never ever say hi, I feel some type of way.

You know we went to school together but you never acknowledge me.
You think you're cool, smelling yourself you're such a fool, and
I'm just saying I was taught to speak when spoken to.
I say the words, but no response.
How dare you!

Never ever say hi, I feel some type of way,
You never ever say hi, I feel some type of way.

Listen I don't need a mindless conversation.
All I want is a little respect from the situation.
Smile, look me in the eye, and you be on your way.
Perhaps if you were a bit bolder, you could give me more than a cold shoulder.

You never ever say hi, I feel some type of way. I feel some type of way.
Track Name: #RNS
"#RNS" (Nenjah Nycist)

A real Nenjah never blinks
Knows when to strike knows when to think
Keep away from suckas yo he let 'em clean the tank
A good peach will make you think
A bad one will make you drink
And ain't shit you can teller if she holding bank
Get it? TURN this shit UP you know it crank
Look I do this, don't ask me how
rest of yall is scrubs like nurse apparel
Flirting with bread, a love jones, kind of like the dow
This that music that the muthafuckin' law won't allow
Realest shit that y'all heard in a while, style DROP


Like the sound then bump it loud
Only one that believed in me is rapping now
Only limit I see is the sky, move a cloud
Just do whatever you do and yo do it proud
Half you clowns wouldn't raise a brow
Nonetheless move a crowd to move ya mouth
is to move ya bowels
You spittin' shit the only thing sick as this
Herpes syphilis flow is a sushi dish
Raw no need to fish ya jaw you need to pick up off the floor
This is saw 8 blood on the decor paint


Chillen in a deep scar
Gettin' too deep with a petite broad
Like, "Luv, my blood true, plus I don't bite...hard"
Exotic in jelly jars just me and my squad
You know, some shrillin' some went skiing on the slopes
Yeah we getting punished like boxers on the ropes
I'm on the piff they on the 'ball
iggin' all my calls
Mad different highs like a celebrity in the mall
Fuck a E.T probably get higher with Paul
The D gets the job done now hire my balls
High like I'm in New York paying for menthols
Still in the cut tho no need for gauze
My clause is to present my gifts to the poor and rich
The black St. Nick but no saint or satanist
Could predict the shit experienced
Know Jehovah's that don't knock
Know Jews that tip my matrix in a glitch
Can't be better than hell or heaven

Track Name: Renaissance Man
"Renaissance Man" (Nenjah Nycist, A. Smith)

Yo! Hang ya freedoms on america's noose and blame it terrorism like America do
this american dude domestic terrorist too
Cause i'm me
Pack of skittles arizona peach tea hoody up
and I'm free?
How you rap is a damn shame
Ya style corrupt like that Kony campaign
Go to war online ayo we getting trained
No need to hit the range
Entertainment is shooting things
See I'm entertained
Politicians lie
Like everything they say is good
but you and I see the gentrified
neighborhoods on the rise
Word to wise gun license could
save ya life but until the rise of the nation ima be mind erasing fried higher than a spaceman we up in the place man money chasing instead of these problems its all these blunts that we facing

Trying to hold on to whats left
with this pen in my hand
make some impact
doing my best
but im just one man, I'm the Renaissance Man
I'm the Renaissance Man x4

ojos rojo I'm in the mood
The devil hungry for mac and cheese & gumbo stew potato salad collard greens & yams too
Whats this mean?
ya soul food
get ya granola bars chewed
We in the city hard
happy to be on the news like the city of God
Maybe the mayor will move if we rip things apart
because we cannot lose winning over many hearts
And everywhere I go a camera mark my spot
cops suck a cock
Glocks give em power
So i hit the gun shop on these cowards
Reminiscent of 'Pac on his final hour
tower over competition cause all they talk about is sour and bitches
Bottles and strippers
I ain't knockin' ya hustle but dumb niggaz not my listeners
I rap like its fucking Christmas
and I want plaques like I'm cleaning off my dentures

Track Name: Commonality
Commonality (Nenjah Nycist, M. Costello)

Them niggaz sippin lean I'm puffin' green
scene full of laughter sippin lager
I heard a pitter patter at the door
My young lord called over some mo broads
Yours, truly had to go see
You know me fresh I be
my fly got em open, XYZ
you see love caught my eye
A tad bit shy approached her like, "hi"
She said, "yeah you are that aint a lie
Lemme get like you and I'll be iight."
I said, "Cool." We stepped in the vivid living room we gettin' livid soon
She pulls out molly, coke, and some loud fumes
I'm like, "F*k you not about to be around soon."

Good evening to sympathy
Is it worth the cost to mourn?
In a world of commonality, what can you be running from?

she said, "These times got me stuck so tonight I'm giving up

this life suck." My blood rushed 4th and goal just my luck

now im stuck trying to save this chick from suicide

huh this is not what I want to do tonight

she said, "Only you know how far I'm about to go,"

go, bro by this time yo we mad high mad dry eyes

and she ain't never wanna cry no more

just OD and die and me I rather blow OZs to the sky

since the sky grey and fly away she only told me about her day hey

Track Name: Diamond Shine (Who The F*ck)
"Diamond Shine (Who The F*ck)" (A. Smith, Nenjah Nycist)


This a documentary fuck a movie
Ruben rudely rollin rubies
out front of the studio the c-heads be lookin ghouly
a few be sellin loosies you don't hear me tho
missin they front two teeth next door they sellin' fake Coogi and Gucci we yellin out the window to sloppy bourgeois hoes
sellin coochie and this the shit I see as I jot it on my loose leaf
nothin 2D im too deep wit these groupies
misunderstood since a few feet tall looking for laughter
nowadays we mention free someone name is after
Turn that cell into a dorm room
Get home soon
Free my nenjah Piff they know what's up
They know its us

Track Name: Get Up & Try It!
"Get Up & Try It!" (Nenjah Nycist, M. Costello)

What up!

Its NYC yo the fan favorite, I don't pick up hoes that's landscaping
is it God or the game? I need a conversation with Pastor Mason
I ain't splitting shit with them I want my laceration
now thats my own cut I could really give a fuck about some online hating
niggaz facing shit blind like online dating
I be online skating, yeah I grind they in line means more wives taking
borderline Jamaican as many blunts as I'm facing
bringing home the bacon I'm so amazing when going ham
nah wait man thats non-cypher talk
flow colder than where some fucking lifers walk
where pork and teachers be using all types of chalk
I think too hard fellow you spitting all types of soft
marshmellow I'm sick with no type of cough
I lyrikill 'em dead leave no type of corpse
shit ya'll say is dumb like a virgin paying child support
yeah yeah yeah
so microphone check one two
see what I need for ya'll to do is


Welcome to avoidance play it backwards to hear the crew run.
You're disillusioned, plagued by bitterness;
Is it worth your time?
And what about your future, if you lead will others follow? what Does our freedom ride on, and what cost are we divided?

Yes I'm the best Nyc
on all pussy there's a price
so to put my log in no computer websites
I quit jogging run the track run it back like the running back Chris Johnson
so get ya facts right
since 7 I been splurging you heard him?
step to me and get ate, two point conversion
lookand i ain't as dumb as you look
I walk with intellectuals and run with the crooks
fuck a mattress I stash my money in a book
for dumb niggaz coming at me sideways like a rook
trying to cook me please be my guest
I'm the one they hate on like Raekwon I can chef
ya shit won't get played like VHS
unless you my dude I ain't really impressed
I'm only impressed by a fat ass in some sweats
we kind of like the tribe my niggaz on quest
road to success, rich men pave it
industry is Goliath and guess who playing David


Welcome to avoidance play it backwards to hear the crew run.
You're disillusioned, plagued by bitterness;
Is it worth your time?
And what about your future, if you lead will others follow? what Does our freedom ride on, and what cost are we divided?

The only thing you got to do, is get off your ass and move! (Try it!)
Track Name: Just To Get By
"Just To Get By" (Nenjah Nycist, A. Smith, M. Costello)

Young thinking im grown
Where i lay the snapback be my home
fuck it im in my zone
Let me light the spliff and write some shit
maybe about loyalty and righteousness
But the likeliness of that is unknown 'cause I be on the roam
a saint sinnin' tryna find my own
that motherfucking kid wit the hoody on his dome
wrecking for respect i aint gotta do the shit alone
Rising Sun, Rising Sun


You get up with some searing interest
Not trying to "beat the man"
You need one night, brown liquor
You're the champion of the guttural
But what do you do when your days are numbered, just lost looks in a crowded bar? You need fist fights and fast women, handing meaning to suffering.