#RNS (single) (explicit)

by Rising Sun All Stars

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"#RNS" is the first release off our upcoming full length, "Rising Sun Gang"

It features all live instruments recorded to 1/2" analog tape at Cobra Sun Studio and Nenjah Nycist doing a full "long take" that was recorded on video.

No samples, No MIDI, just good, DIY, self-produced, raw, underground hip hop music, from Staten Island New York!


A real Nenjah never blinks
Knows when to strike knows when to think
Keep away from suckas yo he let 'em clean the tank
A good peach will make you think
A bad one will make you drink
And ain't shit you can teller if she holding bank
Get it? TURN this shit UP you know it crank
Look I do this, don't ask me how
rest of yall is scrubs like nurse apparel
Flirting with bread, a love jones, kind of like the dow
This that music that the muthafuckin' law won't allow
Realest shit that y'all heard in a while, style DROP


Like the sound then bump it loud
Only one that believed in me is rapping now
Only limit I see is the sky, move a cloud
Just do whatever you do and yo do it proud
Half you clowns wouldn't raise a brow
Nonetheless move a crowd to move ya mouth
is to move ya bowels
You spittin' shit the only thing sick as this
Herpes syphilis flow is a sushi dish
Raw no need to fish ya jaw you need to pick up off the floor
This is saw 8 blood on the decor paint


Chillen in a deep scar
Gettin' too deep with a petite broad
Like, "Luv, my blood true, plus I don't bite...hard"
Exotic in jelly jars just me and my squad
You know, some shrillin' some went skiing on the slopes
Yeah we getting punished like boxers on the ropes
I'm on the piff they on the 'ball
iggin' all my calls
Mad different highs like a celebrity in the mall
Fuck a E.T probably get higher with Paul
The D gets the job done now hire my balls
High like I'm in New York paying for menthols
Still in the cut tho no need for gauze
My clause is to present my gifts to the poor and rich
The black St. Nick but no saint or satanist
Could predict the shit experienced
Know Jehovah's that don't knock
Know Jews that tip my matrix in a glitch
Can't be better than hell or heaven



released October 23, 2012
Nenjah Nycist - Lyrics and Lead Vocals
Ariana Smith - Backing Vocal harmonies
Michael Costello - Dubs and Backing Vocal Harmonies
Gary Nieves Jr - Bass, Mellotron, Organ
Alex Salinger - Drums
Dave Giordano - Guitar (Fender Strat)
Pat Nowak - Guitar (Gibson ES335)

produced by GLNJR at Cobra Sun Studio
Copyright 2012 The Rising Sun All Stars



all rights reserved


Rising Sun All Stars Staten Island, New York

The Rising Sun All Stars is a HIp Hop/Soul band from Staten Island, New York.

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